About Dr.Ruchit Sanghvi

Dr. Ruchit Sanghvi ( Founder & President )
Consultant PT 
M.D. Acupuncture (Medicina Ulternativa, open international university based at Colombo) 
Dry Needlist

He is also certified in: NDT, MFR, Manual Therapy, Hydro Therapy, Diet and Nutrition, Megnato Therpay, Aroma Therapy, Yoga, Herbology.

His Area of Expertise : Neurology, Pain Rx, Acupuncture, Dry Needling,Herbology.  

Introduction: ( Serving Since 12 Years )

Dr. Ruchit Sanghvi is one of the early pioneer of Holistic Medicine Structure in India Under the Name AAsthAA Multitherapy Clinic, is an upcoming clinical chain currently with its bases at Ahmedabad (2 Uinits ), Goa (1 unit, as sister concerned), upcoming at Delhi.

Learn More about his holistic treatment modes

at : www.aasthaa.co.in

He is also Founder of Academy named INDIAN ACADEMY OF DRY NEEDLING which runs public beneficial camps as well as teaches this art of intra-dermal  manual therapy to the Medics and Para-Medics since 2008.

He also serves as Professor for Indian Acupuncture Association, and offers modern Acupuncture courses of pain management up till M.D. Level since2007.

Publication : 

His Four Titles Are Under Pipeline,

1. Holistic Healing ( Exploring 12 Therapies in Integral way.)

2. Murma Puncture (A perfect Mixture of Indian and Chinese Body Puncture system) 

3. Dry Needling ( Recent Advance in Pain Management )

4. The Wholly Book Of Dry Needling In Myofascial Pain.(International Edition, by Jaypee Publication)

Research Work :

1. Empirical clinical study of Needle effect in spastic tissue. (On Going)

2. Double Blind study in Effect of Dry Needling on Myofascial Pain Syndrome. ( About to start in month of jan 2016 at Shardaben Hospital, Ahmedabad.)

Dr. Bharat Tiwari ( Executive Member )
General Secretary, IAODN 
MPT ( Cardio-Pulmonary )
Dry Needlist
( MPS, Ortho, Sports)
Senior Physiotherapist, IKDRC
Dr. Dipal Joshi ( Executive Member )
Treasurer, IAODN 
Franchisee, AAsthAA Chain Of Holistic Clinics, A`Bad.
D. Acupuncture,
Fitness Trainer,
Dry Needlist.
Dr. Dhara Patel ( Executive Member )
Convener, IAODN 
MPT (Neuro)
D. Acupuncture
Dry Needlist
Dr. Kalgi Shah ( Executive Member )
Convener, IAODN 
Dry Needlist. 
Dr. Ankush Sonawane ( Executive Member )
Convener, IAODN 
Dry Needlist,
Owner,Ved Mechanics Clinics, SURAT
Advisory Board Members:

1. Dr. Dhwanit Shah, Principal Gov. PT College Surat
2. Dr. Nikhil Chugh, Panipat NCR
3. Dr. P.Bhaskar Reddy (UAE ) 
4. Dr. Hansa ( Mumbai )
5. Dr. Tanay Shah ( Canada) 
6. Dr. Anil Kumar ( Guntur, AP )